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Health and Safety Course in Cardiff

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Health and Safety Course in Cardiff

Apply for Health and Safety Course for Construction in Cardiff?

The application process has been absolutely simplified by Construction Help Centre and can be completed in just a few steps. To proceed with the application, click the link below. It will take you not more than five minutes. After that, you can begin your course from the comfort of your own home.

A phone call to this number 02039836393 is also an easy way to finish the application process. Call now to get enrolled in the course that best fits your needs.

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We can help you enroll in a Health and Safety course in Cardiff at the Construction Help Centre. Simply call us on 02039836393 for further details.

If you are not sure which course to take, call our helpline number and one of our associates will guide you through the entire procedure.

This Health and Safety course is for those aspirants willing to build a career in construction. This course aids beginners, supervisors, and managers by enhancing their ability to make work environments safer, healthier, and possibly more productive.

If you're seeking work as a labourer on a building site in Cardiff, you'll need a Green Labourers Card (previously known as a Green Construction Site Operative Card). To obtain this card, you must first complete a one-day Health & Safety Awareness Green Card Course and then pass a CITB Test (popularly known as the CITB test). There is no other way around obtaining your Construction card.

As mentioned, there are courses for beginners, supervisors, and individuals in higher ranks, and you can choose from the options below that best suit you. 


What will one learn from this Health and Safety course?

Once the course is completed, the person will  be able to comprehend the following:

How to avoid having an accident. Will learn the law governing health and safety. Will learn the requirement of risk assessments and method declarations. The critical importance of operating safely at all times and knowing when to seek help. How to report "near-misses" so that future incident can be avoided.

After you have completed the Cardiff Training Modules, our expert at the “Construction Help Centre” can also assist you in booking your CITB test at your local test centre in Cardiff. You will acquire a green labourers card after passing the CITB test. If you don't have any recognised construction credentials, this card is a great method to break into the industry.


To get started, however, you'll need to enroll in a Health and Safety course online in Cardiff. Now is the best time to make a reservation with the Construction Help Centre. For additional information, please contact us at 02039836393.